Lanificio Cipriani

Lanificio Cipriani was established in Prato immediately after the Second World War (1946), following an idea by Sanzio Cipriani. The factory was located in the city centre, which in those days was the heartbeat of the textile industry in Prato. Through the years Lanificio Cipriani has been evolving in terms of both manufacturing and commercial organization, keeping an original mark on its products. This means fabric collections designed for ladies fashion, with a special regard towards the final cost of goods. During the postwar period items obtained from wool recycling fulfilled the need for saving, as nowadays they meet the requests of large scale retailing. Lanificio Cipriani is now a reality well established in the textile market and strengthened through the years, which has succeded in keeping pace with times and entering national and international markets. At the present the company consists of 25 people, working in different departments. It is structured with a vertical organization which allows for a lean and efficient management of orders. The strength of the factory is the availability of its own cutting-edge machines for each production phase, such as  yarn spinning, warping, winding and weaving. Thanks to this, a prompt delivery and a flexible customization of the product can be granted to the client. Technical issues of collection design are solved internally, while fashion ones are followed with the help of a consultancy agency. Through the years the collection has undergone major refinements, with a substantial enhancement in both the number and the type of items offered. At the present, the top collection suits women all-round and offers fabrics weighting from 220 to 270 grams. Beside this, also a men’s collection has been developed in partnership with our customers. Our last creation is the BE COOL collection, which dresses women with new textiles, original in look and use, enriched with precious materials, such as alpaca and mohair fibres. This sets a higher quality standard of the product and makes it suitable for more ambitious markets. The production of Lanificio Cipriani is exported in the world through a solid commercial network reaching several European and American countries. The partnership that links the company’s name with brands such as HUGO BOSS, ZARA, MARKS&SPENCER’S, C&A, NEW LOOK and SUBURBIA has become tighter in the years. The commercial manager, who keeps contact with our customers, is Matteo Cipriani, son of the company’s administrator and owner Marco Cipriani. Carlotta Cipriani, Marco’s daughter, is in charge of administration for the company. A family management bonded to the historical tradition of the brand, with an industrial mark to answer the most demanding customer.